Following is a compiled list of Wacom sensor units used in Penenabled TabletPCs. (source: ; ; other)

Wacom Model Number Size Active Area Physical Size Interface Resolution Pins Connector TabletPC model(s) Notes
SU-13W02E-03A 13? Wide USART & USB? 14 1.0 mm pitch (not FFC) farinasa has 3 of them., bernard has 2 of them.
SU-14W06E-01X 14? Wide USART (& USB?) 30348 x 18968 14 Undersampled's (Antiq)
SU5R-12W12AU-01X 12.? Wide USART & USB 14 1.0 mm pitch HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Trashie's tablets – successful USB connection
SU5E-12W32AS-01X 12.? Wide HP-EliteBook 2740p Series
SU6E-12W01AU-01A 12.? Wide HP-TouchSmart tm2-1000 Series
SU-12W18A-01X UART 14 1 mm pitch HP 2710p Tablet PC ThrowingChicken's
SU5E-13W01AS-00X 13.3 Wide 288.1 x 180.8 296.1 x 188.8 UART & USB
SU5E-13W01AS-01X 13.? Wide Fujitsu-LifeBook T5010
SU5E-13W08AS-01X FTU2-13W01S-01A combo 13.? Wide USB not working? EMR+Cap digitizer combo from Fujitsu-LifeBook T5010 & T900 pickl3bob's
SU4E-14W01ES-00X 14.0 Wide 307.3 x 185.2 326.2 x 194.2 UART & USB
SU-12W18A-01X 12.x Wide HP-Compaq 2710p Series
SU-12W18A-03X 12.x Wide HP-EliteBook 2730p Series
SU-12W18A-04X 12.x Wide HP-EliteBook 2730p Series
SU-001-A01 Acer-TravelMate C113TCi MS2133
SU-001-X01 Acer TravelMate C100 Series
SU-004-B06 UART 14
SU-015-X01 Acer-TravelMate 252PCXI
SU-010-X01 Toshiba Portege 3500
SU-012-X03 Fujitsu-LifeBook T3010
SU-017-X01 ~ 223 x 170 USART 21240 x 15980 10 FFC 0.5mm pitch ZIF Compaq tc1100 bernard's
SU-017-B01 one of farinasa's (says VER 2.0)
SU-019-C01 Toshiba-Portege M200 series
SU-019-D01 Toshiba-Portege M200 series
SU-025-C02 4:3 ? HP Compaq tc4400 Series
SU-025-A01 4:3 ? HP Compaq tc4200 Series
SU-025-C01 4:3 ? HP Compaq tc4200 Series
SU-025-X01 4:3 ? HP Compaq tc4200 Series
SU-029-X01 Fujitsu-LifeBook T4010D
SU-035-A01 Acer-TravelMate C300 Series
SU-040-X01 12.0 4:3 14 Thinkpad X40T (not 100% sure)


Some are 10 pins others are 14 pins.

14 pins connector

The 14 pins connector appears to be very popular amongst all penenabled wacom sensors.

The 14 pins connector appears to include both a USB port and a USART (Serial) port.

Trashie successfully connected the USB port using the TabletPC drivers. Note that the board requires a 3.3v supply. The board appears to support a 5V (USB power) supply but requires that a “Zener” diode is installed for this to work (look for a ZD1 marking). All the boards we have seen so far did not have the zener installed. So something is required to be able to convert the 5V USB power to 3.3v. See Trashie's thread about it.

NOTE: There might be hints that boards are *EITHER* USB or USART instead of “boths”. We are not sure if boards can have both interfaces or is it just “programmed” on way vs. the other way.

Considering all the info we have so far:

Pin# Name Signal Direction Wire Color (USB) Notes
1 USB Ground1 Black Shield or signal ?
2 USB Ground2 Brown (also seen Black) Shield or signal?
3 USB D- (twisted pair)
4 USB D+ (twisted pair)
5 USB power (5V)? Red
6 ? Orange or Blue
7 DTR Tablet ← Host unconnected
8 RTS Tablet ← Host unconnected
9 RXD Tablet → Host unconnected
10 TXD Tablet ← Host unconnected
11 GRD **Tablet ←?→ Host yellow/green Trashie sets that to VCC for the board to start sending data. Undersampled did nothing for that one, but we have noted contradictory directions for this(?)
12 PLTRS1 Tablet ← Host green active low enable? Trashie did not have to connect this for it to work(?)
13 PCB VCC 3.3v Red VCC Supply
14 PCB Ground Black


USART: (Undersampled thread)

USB: (Trashie's thread)

10 pins connector

(gleaned from a disconnected SU-017-X01 from a Compaq tc1100)

Pin# Name Direction Notes
1 +3.3vdc test point markings says +3vdc – mA never seen above ~25mA @3.3v
2 RXD Tablet → Host Serial data packets - runs at 19200 baud N-8-1
3 TXD Tablet ← Host Serial data (commands & queries)
4 ? No clear output activity. When applying VCC: weird behavior (current draw goes down to 0mA then jumps to 46mA, sounds illegal/scary)
5 ? No clear output activity. When applying VCC or Ground makes no behavior difference. Ugly signal on pin when applying VCC.
6 Ground
7 ? not connected on tc1100
8 ? not connected on tc1100
9 ? not connected on tc1100
10 ? not connected on tc1100