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more recent update

After much digging, we found that a really weird thing was happening: after creating a new file, the date stamp could be from 45 seconds to 43 minutes IN THE FUTURE. Something is fishy with the way the filesystem is (or maybe the PHP version, not sure). In anyway, I did a workaround: I call “touch” on the file right after updating it. This applies to a lot of various files in dokuwiki. But was mostly important in the data/cache. It works like a charm now. For those that care, the fix was inside inc/io.php, around line 215 in io_saveFile()

    if(!$fileexists and !empty($conf['fperm'])) chmod($file, $conf['fperm']);

    //enforce the file's mtime to be the current time... Somehow it does not always work(???)


    return true;

It really looks like it takes roughly a day to see changes appearing.

Thats what I was thinking, the cachetime setting is a day But I can't believe it doesn't force a purge for a newly edited page. That seems - odd. And sometimes (the first time you edit a page in a session?) an edit appears straight away.


In the docs there is a way to “flush” the cache for a specific page. You have to add &purge=true at the end of the URL. It works. Of course, this does not fix anything, but it tells us that it is something about the cache for the page not being flushed correctly. It is suppose to flush the cache when the page changes – something in there is not working.

The documentation talks about a 2 stage cache – the instruction cache and the xhtml cache. If you flush the instruction cache, it is supposed to invalidate the xhtml (one relies on the other).

Let's try something to know which stage is the problematic one. Make a modification and then try to only flush the xhtml. To do so, you have to go to the shell and do: (I assume this file is located in the dokuwiki installation directory)

touch inc/parser/xhtml.php

If you see no difference, then it is the instruction cache. If you see a difference, then it is the xhtml cache.

To confirm this a little bit more, you can try to flush the instruction cache:

touch conf/local.php

One area I thought (but highly speculative): Could it be a Time Zone mismatch of some sort maybe? Comparing a file “time” to the “current time” (ignoring the time zone)? Is there a mismatch between the operating system (where the files are located) and the time zone of dokuwiki? (if that make sense?) – I`ll do a purge=true right now so this text appears right-away :)

some testing

drew says: added line for xhtml flush test. I don't have shell access but I'll make a minor (comment) change to the file instead. That didn't work so let's try the instruction cache.- nope that didn't work either. I wondered about the timestamp thing, but that's just crazy talk surely :) Is there anything we could do about that anyhow?

Right something about PHP safe mode? Turn that off… Does it work? Gaaaahh, no, Turn it back on again. I'm back to trawling the dokuwiki forums.

I wonder where the saving is done? I notice when you save an edit it adds #update to the URL, Could we hack in a &purge instead, or a Purge=true at the save point?

Trying with debug on. That worked, but lets try a second edit. PHP safe mode turned off again.

Trying to chmod all the directories in the cache folder to 777.

trying “php_flag session.use_cookies on” in .htaccess file - Blarrrrp

Cachetime now set to 60 seconds

Doesn't seem to do any better.

Let's try 2 seconds as a test…. Zee Cachetime - It does nothing

Swapped back to the default template. edit one…didn't work. swap back.

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Look and Feel like Wiki pedia?

Is it just me or this DokuWiki really looks like MediaWiki (i.e. Wikipedia) (I mean style-wise)? Amazing!

That's all down to the monobook template. Not the fastest though perhaps.

more tests