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-Welcome to Bongofish Wiki!+===Welcome to Bongofish Wiki!===
-==Overview== +This here is the WIKI attached to the Bongofish forum.  A tiny slice of web devoted to the building of DIY  
-Docuwiki, confusingly, uses the namespace concept to create folders as document categories - like drawers in a filing cabinet. It might be that the Dokuwiki way makes more sense in the end than Mediawiki but it is still confusing to most of us users that Mediawiki does it differently but still uses the same concepts and system names. In practical terms a namespace is a physical folder that is shown as a Section in a menu. Click on the section and you will see the documents it contains. Because Dokuwiki does not use a database it is easy to find and see the pages you create. Very nice! Where do the pages go? In the actual folder space on your computer the pages are stored as text files here: \data\pages - but don't edit them from there because you will mess up the wiki indexing.+Cintiq style screen-tablets. The forum is located at [[HTTP://forum.bongofish.co.uk|HTTP://forum.bongofish.co.uk]] 
 +Check out the navigation links on the side or you can always try going here: 
 +[[bongofish:tablets|Tablets Information]] 
 +[[bongofish:lvdsvendors|LVDS controller Vendors]] 
 +[[bongofish:penenabled|Penenabled TabletPC Wacom Sensors]]
==So how do you create a new folder/namespace?== ==So how do you create a new folder/namespace?==
-Dokuwiki installs with a default namespace/section/folder called wiki which comes with a file on syntax and another one about the program. Each folder is a namespace and inside each folder you will see the documents or pages you created. In the beginning when I created documents they were all getting dumped into the root folder and I couldn't work out how to put them somewhere more organised. Some templates come with the Index function already installed and you can see a list of the current folders and documents. 
-1. From a point in a document you are writing in - [[folder name:document name]]+  1) Reference it in a page you are editing like this ->   [[section_name:document_name]] 
 + Or 
 +  2) Search for a page e.g. section_name:document_name ,  If it does not exist and you click on the  
 +  Create button you will create a new section (namespace), and a document called document_name 
 +==What about all the fancy schmancy headings and tables and stuff like that?== 
 +[[http://wiki.bongofish.co.uk/doku.php?id=wiki:syntax|Lookee here.]]  
-2. Search for a page eg computer:dokuwiki. If it does not exist and you click on the Create button you will create a new folder/namespace and a document called dokuwiki 
-3. Create a new document in a subfolder with [[foldername:subfolder name:document name]]