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Welcome to Bongofish Wiki!

This here is the WIKI attached to the Bongofish forum. A small slice of web devoted to the building of DIY cintiq style screen-tablets. The forum is located at ==Overview== Docuwiki uses the namespace concept to create folders as document categories - like drawers in a filing cabinet. In practical terms a namespace is a physical folder that is shown as a Section in a menu. Click on the section and you will see the documents it contains. Because Dokuwiki does not use a database it is easy to find and see the pages you create. ==So how do you create a new folder/namespace?== Dokuwiki installs with a default namespace/section/folder called wiki which comes with a file on syntax and another one about the program. Each folder is a namespace and inside each folder you will see the documents or pages you created. 1. From a point in a document you are writing in - ”document name” (without the ””) 2. Search for a page eg “computer:dokuwiki”. (without the ””), If it does not exist and you click on the Create button you will create a new folder/namespace and a document called dokuwiki You will then get the option to create a new page.